Little Black Hills Battles – Barrett and Jack’s Story

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Little Black Hills Battles – Barrett and Jack’s Story

Having a family was always a dream for Amy and Jayna, but they knew it wouldn’t be easy. In November 2015, they welcomed news that they were pregnant after a journey with in-vitro fertilization! Little did they know they were going to have three miracles! Twins were common in Amy’s family, so being the birth mother, Amy knew there was a possibility of multiples, but never imagined triplets.

At 20 weeks, the pregnancy took a turn. Amy needed to have an emergency procedure which led to a hospital admission with indefinite bed rest following. At this point, it was important to reach 24 weeks when the boys would be viable.

At 24 weeks and two days, on March 30, 2016, after a night a feeling what Amy thought were contractions, Jayna raced Amy to the hospital. The boys were ready to join this world, and nobody could stop them. Amy had an emergency C-section and she and Jayna welcomed their three baby boys: Barrett (1 lb. 8oz.), Leighton (1 lb. 6oz.) and Jack (1 lb. 9oz.). The boys were all in serious condition, but Leighton was by far the most critical.

When Amy and Jayna saw them for the first time, it was a vision they were first terrified to see, but they were beautiful regardless of everything surrounding them.

The boys were the color of kidney beans, had tubes in every direction, and wore diapers no larger than a tissue travel pack. On April 2, at four days old, Leighton was called to be a guardian angel for Jack and Barrett. Amy and Jayna held him so tight as he left this world. Losing him was the worst pain imaginable, yet Amy and Jayna knew they had to hold strong for the fight ahead for Jack and Barrett.

The hospital discharged Amy and Jayna the following day. Leaving without Jack and Barrett, while also grieving the loss of Leighton was beyond scary. The NICVIEW cameras, provided by Children’s Miracle Network, gave Amy and Jayna the utmost comfort to watch their two boys anytime from any device.

The following week, Jack was urgently life-flighted to Sioux Falls, SD, for an emergency bowel surgery. Jack needed to stay in Sioux Falls while Barrett stayed in Rapid City, which led to Jayna and Amy splitting time to be with each of the boys.

A Children’s Miracle Network Travel Assistance Fund provided Amy and Jayna money to travel back and forth. They traveled to and from Sioux Falls for 53 days until Barrett needed surgery on his heart for a PDA ligation. Barrett was flown to Sioux Falls, again joining his brother in the NICU. Shortly following, it was decided Jack also needed a PDA Ligation, so both underwent heart procedures on the same day. After breathing tubes were removed, Jack and Barrett were flown back to Rapid City. At this point, all they needed to do was eat, sleep, and grow!

On June 27, 2016, at 37 weeks gestational age, Jack was able to go home! On July 19, after 111 days in the NICU, Barrett was able to go home with a feeding tube to use when needed.

After numerous surgeries, overcoming septic shock, learning to breath, eat and swallow, after being given a 15% chance of survival, Jack and Barrett have proven to be true miracles. Amy and Jayna are amazed by them every day. They know their miracles wouldn’t be here today without the amazing care, equipment and funds provided to their hospital. This family is deeply grateful for the Children’s Miracle Network program at Monument Health.

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