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Founded in 1983, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals network has grown to include 170 hospitals, caring for children throughout the United States and Canada. Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, health care services and pediatric medical equipment. Monument Health is one of two South Dakota health care systems that are part of CMN Hospitals. Rapid City Hospital became a CMN hospital in 1989. In 2015, CMN began serving all Monument Health hospitals when the Monument Health Foundation became a systemwide foundation.


The mission of the Children’s Miracle Network program at Monument Health is to improve the lives of children in our region and “make medical miracles happen” by strengthening children’s health care services through fundraising activities.

Upcoming Events

  • Mediathon – May 10, 2024
  • Play Yellow – Sept 13, 2024
  • Extra Life – Nov 2, 2024

Annual events held by Monument Health Foundation include: Little Black Hills Battles 5k Run, Play Yellow Golf Tournament, Mediathon, ExtraLife and the Golden Guitars Gala.


May 10, 2024

2024 Mediathon
Children’s Miracle Network
Radio & Television Fundraising Initiative

Change Kids’ Health. Change the Future.

We know when we improve treatments and facilities, we can address the most challenging health issues of today while preventing and preparing for those to come tomorrow.

When we positively change the health of even one child, we create ripple effects felt by our communities for years to come. When we ensure our children can lead healthy, fulfilling lives, we foster the scientists, inventors, artists, and leaders of tomorrow.

Monument Health is on the frontlines when it comes to protecting the health of future generations. But we can’t do it alone. We need your support!


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September 13, 2024

2024 Play Yellow
Children’s Miracle Network
Golf Tournament

For many years Jack Nicklaus wore yellow to show his support for Craig, a young man battling cancer. Today, Jack and Barbara Nicklaus are inviting you to Play Yellow and show your support for kids like Craig. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the Play Yellow tournament benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® (CMNH) at Monument Health. CMNH works to fund programs, state-of-the-art medical equipment and services for ill and injured kids.


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2024 National CMN Champions

When triplets Barrett, Jack and Leighton were born at 24 weeks, they were rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Rapid City Hospital. All three were in serious condition, but Leighton was the most critical. When Leighton passed away at 4 days old, his family was heartbroken. They also knew they needed to stay strong for their other two babies. At birth Barrett weighed just 1 pound, 8 ounces; Jack weighed 1 pound, 9 ounces; and they both had many medical challenges to overcome. When the boys’ moms were discharged from the hospital, they were grateful to be able to see their babies around the clock in the NICVIEW cameras funded by donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

During their long hospital stays, Jack and Barrett had multiple surgeries, overcame septic shock, and learned how to breathe, eat and swallow on their own. Jack was able to go home after three months. Barrett joined him a few weeks later, after 111 days in intensive care. Now 7 years old, they are both active and thriving at home with their family.

Read Barrett and Jack's Full Story

Why does CMN need support?

  • When you donate to Children’s Miracle Network at Monument Health, you help ensure every child in our community gets care, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.
  • By supporting Children’s Miracle Network, we are able to continue to provide specialized care right here in our community so families can have their support system of family and friends close by during such a challenging time.
  • Since every single dollar you donate to Children’s Miracle Network stays local – your efforts are helping children in your community. This might be a kid in your neighborhood or even a loved one whose life is impacted by these funds.
  • There are many different kinds of technology in the NICU, including different types of infant ventilators, monitors, and supportive devices, such as infusion pumps and incubators. Every piece of equipment used in the NICU is purchased through community donations to Children’s Miracle Network, giving kids a chance at life.
  • When families have to travel for specialty medical care, Children’s Miracle Network is there to help with travel assistance funds. Last year, CMN provided over 100 families with Pediatric Emergency Travel Funds totaling more than $31,000.
  • Rapid City Hospital will care for over 370 NICU babies in a year and they need our help to make sure these babies get the best care they deserve.
  • Children’s Miracle Network supports all areas where kids are treated within our health care system such as Labor & Delivery, Obstetrics, NICU, Advanced Care Pediatrics and Pediatrics in all of the Monument Health communities.
  • Most preterm infants stay in the NICU until their due date. Thus, if a child was born six weeks early, parents can expect that their child will be in the NICU for six weeks. The NICU often becomes a second home for many families, where parents spend many hours each day with their infants. For the most part, these tiny infants must learn to breathe and grow before they can go home.
  • The Monument Health Foundation raises roughly $420,000 annually from our CMN Corporate Partnerships and Programs.


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Little Black Hills Battles

Little Black Hills Battles is a recognition of Monument Health’s Pediatric patients who bravely fight childhood illness and disease every day right here in our community. Donations through Monument Health’s Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) program are devoted to helping these children. All funds stay local.

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