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Monument Health team’s work is published nationally

Nita Duhnam and Dr. Deepak M. Goyal

Congratulations to Monument Health’s Nita Dunham, MS, RN, CMAC, CDP, and Deepak M. Goyal, M.D., MBBS. Their article, “Improving Patient Outcomes, and Reducing Stays and Readmissions Through Physician Advisor and Care Management Coordination,” was published in the February issue of Collaborative Case Management.

Dunham is System Director of Case Management. Dr. Goyal is a Physician Advisor. In their six-page article, they discussed Monument Health’s project to improve efficiency and reduce length of stay using a multidisciplinary-care team approach.

“Creating an engaged, multifaceted care team approach played a significant role in lowering costs, improving care coordination and, most significantly, improving patient outcomes and minimizing the risk of longer stay hospital-acquired conditions and reduced costly readmissions.” they wrote. “This resulted largely by forming a partnership between the case management team providers, bedside caregivers and the inclusion of a physician advisor.”

Among the results:
Decreased length of stay from 6.02 to 4.68 days.
Reduced transfers within the hospital and reduced diversions to other hospitals.
As patients’ length of stay has decreased, hospital readmissions also decreased.
Low readmission rates are directly linked back to the quality-of-services improvements.
Improved communication between the healthcare delivery team, patients and community partners.

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE.

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