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A patient’s transformative journey with Monument Health Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Otting said the only problem with her recent Google review of Plastic Surgeon Olga Schuth, M.D., is that five stars doesn’t completely describe her care. “There are not enough stars to give her. I’d give her the Milky Way,” Jennifer said.

In February, Jennifer, 62, underwent breast reduction surgery, performed by Dr. Schuth.

“I’ve been dealing with that all my life. I felt self-conscious and hunched over,” she said. “The weight was hurting my back, my neck and my shoulders. It was hard to do a lot of things.” After raising two children and reaching her 60s, the problems seemed to be getting worse. She decided to do something about it.

Dr. Schuth, who has been with Monument Health Plastic Surgery for seven months, specializes in reconstructive, cosmetic and hand surgery. She recognizes that patients such as Jennifer are in a particularly vulnerable time in their lives. Dr. Schuth makes it a priority to listen to her patient’s needs before and after the procedure.

Jennifer said the surgery completely changed her physically and emotionally. She stands straighter, her shoulders and back are not hurting and she can walk by a mirror without feeling self-conscious. “All that weight was literally lifted off my shoulders. The difference is night and day,” she said.

For now, Jennifer’s five-star review of Dr. Schuth will have to do – at least unless Google expands its rating scale to include galaxies.

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