COVID-19 Information Financial Wellness Counseling Services

Financial Wellness Counseling Services

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating many challenges, and we understand your ability to pay bills may be affected. Our Patient Financial Advocates can help develop plans to ease your financial hardship and the stress you’re experiencing during this time. Our services are listed below.

Financial Wellness Counseling Services:

Methods of contacting a Patient Financial Advocate:

Resources Available

Price Estimates

We can assist you with providing a price estimate for your medical services. To help calculate the costs related to these services, click this link to begin using our Price Estimator Tool.

Monument Health Payment Guidelines

Insured Patients:

We will ask you to pay your out-of-pocket costs (copayment, coinsurance, or deductible) upon arrival. You may also arrange a payment plan with a Patient Financial Advocate prior to your date of service.

Uninsured Patients / Self-pay Only:

The Monument Health Uninsured discount (currently 40%) will be auto-applied to your billed charges before a billing statement is sent. Depending on the service you are receiving, you may be asked to prepay for services.

We will work with you to assure that you receive the care you need when you need it. These payment guidelines do not apply to persons seeking emergency services. Monument Health complies with the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) and will not deny access to care.

Monument Health Payment Options

Outstanding balance payments are due in full upon receipt of your first billing statement. We accept many forms of payment, including cash, personal checks, money orders and both credit and debit cards.

Payment can be delivered through several convenient methods:

  • Online – Via the MyChart Patient Portal  on your desktop by selecting the “VIEW BILLING SUMMARY” quick link
  • Over the phone – Call our customer service line 605-755-2455 Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • USPS Mail – Department 1378, Denver, CO 80256. Please include the statement tear-off section with your payment.

A payment plan for up for 12 months is available through Monument Health at zero-percent interest. Additionally, we can help with affordable, long-term financing options that require no credit check and allow you to make one monthly payment:

  • Up to 60 months financing through our partnership with Commerce Bank
  • Up to 60 months financing through our partnership with First Interstate Bank
  • Up to 36 months financing through our partnership with Midland Financial

If you are not able to pay all or part of your out-of-pocket responsibilities, you may qualify for assistance under the Monument Health Charity Assistance Program.

Telemedicine or Video Visits

Health care insurance companies’ coverage policies are rapidly evolving in response to COVID-19. Many insurance carriers are implementing policies to temporarily address telehealth video and phone visits.

Insured Patients:

Telephone visits and video visits will be billed to your insurance carrier. Copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles will be billed to you as directed by the carrier. Please contact your insurance carrier directly if you have questions about your insurance benefits.

Uninsured Patients:

The Monument Health Uninsured discount (currently 40%) will be automatically applied to the billed charges before a billing statement is sent.

To quickly access telemedicine coverage information from some common insurance provider’s, please see links below.

Health Insurance Resources

South Dakota Department of Social Services:

Wyoming Department of Health:

Nebraska State Health & Human Services:

Health Insurance Marketplace:

Social Security Administration:


US Department of Veterans Affairs:


Indian Health Services:

COBRA / Department of Labor:

Frequently Asked Questions

I have lost my health insurance coverage due to an employment layoff in response to COVID-19. What other potential options do I have?

If you or your spouse have been carrying an employer-sponsored health plan and have now lost your insurance due to an employment layoff, you are now eligible for what is called a Special Enrollment Period.

A special enrollment period means you can IMMEDIATELY enroll in:

  • A health insurance plan offered through your partner’s employer

Have your partner contact their employer’s HR representative for enrollment materials.

Give your HR representative a call for assistance with your COBRA information details.

Easily investigate how income-based financial assistance may reduce or eliminate premiums by using this marketplace affordability estimator tool  provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

  • A government assistance health insurance program

Visit your state department website for information and online applications.

Is my family eligible for any other public assistance programs?

If your income has dropped or stopped, the state department websites listed earlier also have information on other government assistance programs to help with food, energy assistance, or other economic assistance resources.