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Maybe it’s your mom or your best friend. Maybe it’s your next door neighbor. Maybe it’s your child’s teacher. Maybe, it’s you. Cancer affects most of us at some point in our lives. Since opening in 1993, the Monument Health Cancer Care Institute has provided care for thousands of patients providing inpatient and outpatient oncology services, supportive laboratory and imaging services, as well as services for related clinical research trials. They work to continually review and update techniques and technologies to provide leading edge cancer therapies. Your support and participation in foundation events throughout the year help with the cost of these technologies and serve as a thoughtful way to honor those members of our community whose lives have been impacted by cancer.


We believe strong communication between cancer specialists, family physicians, referring specialists and supportive service providers results in optimal cancer care. We continually review and update our techniques and technologies to provide leading-edge cancer therapies. Our long-standing relationships with nationally renowned research groups allow us to offer some of the latest emerging therapies.

Upcoming Events

Annual events held by Monument Health Foundation include: Tough Enough to Wear Pink, Paint the Rock Pink, Mammo or Bust 5k Run and Tee It Up Fore Cancer Golf Tournament.

Patient Story

For four years, Carla Kapreilian volunteered at the Paint the Rock Pink all-ladies golf tournament to support women in their fight against breast cancer. But in January 2019, the cause became personal. She herself was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was told, “We found something, and it’s something serious … we need to do a biopsy right now.

Carla flew to a cancer treatment center in Georgia since she has family there. She thought that she would also have her therapy done there as well.

However, she says, choosing to have her treatment done in Rapid City was the best decision she ever made. “I felt like a person being treated as opposed to a number being treated. The staff took a personal interest in me, my friends and family. I felt they truly cared about my well-being.” she says.

Why Does Cancer Care Need Support?

  • When you donate to Cancer Care at Monument Health, you help ensure every patient is cared for and we continue to offer state of the art equipment and care.
  • By supporting Cancer, we are able to continue to provide specialized care right here in our community so families can have their support system of family and friends close by during such a challenging time.
  • Since every single dollar you donate to Cancer stays local – your efforts support your community. This might be an employee, friend, neighbor or even a loved one whose life is impacted by these funds.
  • The Monument Health Foundation distributes roughly $303,000 to Cancer Care. All of this money comes from the generosity of our community.


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