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Same Day Joint Program

At Monument Health Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Rapid City  and Spearfish, highly motivated, qualified patients can participate in our Same-Day Joint Replacement program. Rapid recovery options including same-day outpatient surgery are part of the Monument Health’s innovative total joint replacement program for hips, knees and shoulders.

New advances in joint replacement techniques allow many patients to return to the comfort of their homes the same day that they have their joint replacement surgery.

Advanced surgical techniques are only one component of the rapid recovery program. Coordinated care, pre-operative preparation, patient-specific pain control and personalized therapy plans all accelerate a patient’s recovery.

Benefits of Same-day Joint Replacement Surgery

Recover in your own home:
While not right for everyone, qualified patients will be able to return home within hours of surgery.

Accelerated recovery times:
Using minimally invasive surgical techniques with smaller incisions, these procedures avoid damaging healthy tissue surrounding the joint. The result? Patients report less stiffness, retain more mobility and can return to normal activity sooner.

Cutting edge pain management techniques:
By using the latest advancements in pain management, pain relief can be directed to the joint replacement, which allows the patient to recover in the comfort of home.

Who is a Candidate for Same-day Joint Replacement?

The Same-Day Joint Replacement Program isn’t right for everyone. Patients must opt in, meet strict criteria, and be pre-selected by their orthopedic physician to be eligible.

The Same-day Joint Replacement program is only offered to highly motivated patients seeking quick recovery for total knee, hip or shoulder joint replacement. Because the program customizes preparation and recovery for individual patients — accounting for health, fitness, goals and lifestyle — it allows them to return to their normal activities as quickly as possible.

Although the orthopedic surgeon may recommend same-day joint replacement, the decision to select and outpatient procedure must be made by the patient and their insurance company. Not all insurance plans will cover or permit participation in this program. The patient must meet all the requirements during the preoperative phase in order to qualify.


What to Expect: Prehab, Surgery, Post-op, Rehab

Prehab: Preparing for Surgery

Candidates will participate in preoperative activities that will prepare them for quicker recovery following joint replacement:

  • Pre-operative physical therapy, referred to as “prehab” is an important part of the program. The goal of prehab is to learn the skills and exercises that help accelerate recovery after joint replacement, prior to surgery.
  • Our Joint Camp, hosted by the orthopedic patient navigator and rehabilitation therapists addresses concerns or uncertainty regarding what to expect with joint replacement surgery.

Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery

Highly skilled Monument Health orthopedic surgeons will use the latest advancements in joint replacement surgery, including techniques that spare muscle, reduce blood lose and minimize postoperative inflammation. This approach leads to less pain and quicker recovery.

Post-operative Care: No Hospital Stay

Coordinated post-operative care prepares the patient for a safe and comfortable return home. Pain control will be tailored to meet a patient’s individual needs. This maximizes pain relief, minimizes side effects and allows the patient to rest comfortably so he or she can participate in their rehabilitation therapy.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Recovery

The patient’s accelerated therapy program begins the same day as that joint replacement surgery is completed. After returning home, Same-day Joint Replacement participants will receive a visit from a home health nurse and rehabilitation therapist. Patients can begin outpatient therapy as early as two days after surgery. An orthopedic patient navigator will coordinate all elements of patient care.

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Monument Health orthopedic surgeons offer a variety of joint replacement options and tailor treatment specific to the patient’s needs. For more information about same-day, outpatient joint replacement options or to find out if you are a candidate, please call one of the location’s below.

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