Plastic Surgery Real Women, Real Results

Real Women, Real Results

Monument Health Plastic Surgery believes in providing real results to real women. Each of our patients has their own story and we thought there was no one better to tell it than them. Hear from our own patients about how plastic surgery has positively impacted their lives.



“Dr. Moyer and his team have been exceptional. They never wavered from top-notch service, incredible professionalism, amazing compassion and comprehensive care of their patients.”

– Tracy



“Dr. Moyer is a wonderful, delightful person. He does fabulous work. He took me from an incredibly painful situation to pain free!”

– Barb


“Dr. Moyer along with Ashley have given me something I have only dreamed about! Thank you for a whole new, confident look!!””

– Rachel


“The confidence I have gained with my new body is incredible. Dr. Moyer and his team made me feel so comfortable. Like a new woman – literally!”

– Koti


“I thought Dr. Moyer was awesome. He was very caring, sympathetic, empathetic, knowledgeable and professional so right away I felt at ease with him because he just was very comforting. I loved his staff. They are amazing women and they are very kind and they are very welcoming.”

– Marilyn


The Plastic Surgery team at Monument Health took excellent care of me before and after my surgery. Answered any questions and I would recommend them to anybody. For myself and my family, I am a lot happier and a lot more confident in what I do and say every day. I work with the public so it makes me be more direct and just feel better.

– Debbie


“I would highly recommend them to anyone. Their team was very professional, explained everything in detail that needed to be done and they are exceptional. I went through a major weight loss and I had a lot of excess skin. I did not feel comfortable with all the excessive skin I had. I am now able to do a lot of activities that I was not able to do before.”

– Melissa

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