Neurology Preparing For Your EMG


Preparing For Your EMG

Please bring these items with you to your appointment:

  • Insurance cards
  • Medication list

Preparing for your study:

  • Shower or bathe, but do not use powder, oil, or lotion.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing and short sleeves.
  • Take medications as normal unless otherwise instructed by your physician.

During the study:

  • First, the technician will place small electrodes on the areas of your skin to be tested.
  • Next, the physician will gather a short history before inserting a fine needle electrode into the muscles around the affected area.

After the study:

  • When the test is done, all of the electrodes will be removed.
  • You may return to your regular routine.
  • Your test results will be sent to your referring physician.


If you need to cancel your appointment or have any questions regarding the EMG test, please call the Neurology clinic at 605-755-4150.