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Remaining active key to combat heavy holiday meals

The holidays are notorious for overeating which can lead to weight gain. Morgan Foster, Performance Manager at Monument Health’s Sports Performance Institute Powered by EXOS, offers advice to offset meals throughout the holiday season.

Remaining active every day is important to avoid weight gain. It can be the simple choices made that can make an impact, such as parking a little farther away from the store or taking a five to ten minute walk after each meal. “Those kinds of things will make sure those heavy meals all month aren’t catching up to us,” said Foster.

While it can be difficult to stay motivated during the holidays, Foster said creating a community of friends and family who can support your goals is one way to stay on track.

Foster also urges people to enjoy the holiday season. “Instead of just stressing over how much we’re eating, let’s also think of the positives and have a good time with our family and friends.”

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