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Back labor: Childbirth myth or reality?
Answer | Updated on March 10, 2020
Find out what causes back labor and how to manage it.
Postpartum complications: What you need to know
Article | Updated on April 6, 2019
Understand the importance of caring for yourself after childbirth and the signs of a possible problem.
Sex after pregnancy: Set your own timeline
Article | Updated on August 21, 2020
Thinking about sex after pregnancy? Follow these tips to heal and regain your passion.
Slide show: Vaginal tears in childbirth
SlideShow | Updated on October 11, 2019
Vaginal tears during childbirth are common. See illustrations of various degrees of vaginal tears and treatment tips.
Family planning: Get the facts about pregnancy spacing
Article | Updated on February 5, 2020
Consider the risks of timing pregnancies too close together or too far apart.
Elective abortion: Does it affect subsequent pregnancies?
Answer | Updated on September 19, 2020
Understand if an elective abortion can affect your fertility or future pregnancies.
1st trimester pregnancy: What to expect
Article | Updated on February 26, 2020
The first trimester of pregnancy brings physical and emotional changes, from breast tenderness to anxiety and exhilaration.
Lactation suppression: Can medication help?
Answer | Updated on February 3, 2021
Medication for lactation suppression generally isn't recommended.
Birth control pills: Harmful in early pregnancy?
Answer | Updated on August 18, 2020
Get a doctor's advice about risks if you took the birth control pill before you knew you were pregnant.
Can vaginal tears during childbirth be prevented?
Answer | Updated on April 21, 2020
Find out what labor techniques might help prevent severe vaginal tearing during childbirth.
Breast-feeding support: How a partner can help
Article | Updated on November 19, 2020
Find out how you can support your breast-feeding partner.
Exercise after pregnancy: How to get started
Article | Updated on November 24, 2021
Exercising after pregnancy can give you the energy you need to care for your baby. Follow these strategies to stay safe and motivated.
Maternity leave: Tips for returning to work
Article | Updated on April 1, 2020
Maternity leave about to end? Here's help making a successful transition back to work.
Slide show: Labor positions
SlideShow | Updated on February 23, 2021
Consider positions that might help you relax and ease pain during labor.
Labor and delivery: Pain medications
Article | Updated on May 6, 2020
Understand the pros and cons of various labor and delivery pain medications.
Home pregnancy tests: Can you trust the results?
Article | Updated on February 24, 2021
Wondering if you're pregnant? Know the pros and cons of home pregnancy testing.
Symptoms of pregnancy: What happens first
Article | Updated on May 11, 2019
Are you pregnant? Tender breasts, nausea and fatigue are just a few early symptoms of pregnancy. Find out about these and less obvious pregnancy signs.
Pregnancy after 35: Healthy moms, healthy babies
Article | Updated on July 30, 2020
Pregnancy after 35 takes special care. Here's help giving your baby the best start.
Stages of labor and birth: Baby, it's time!
Article | Updated on February 6, 2020
Find out what happens during the different stages of labor and birth.
Cord blood banking: What are the options?
Answer | Updated on April 3, 2020
Cord blood banking — Understand the difference between public and private cord blood donation.
Why is weight loss before pregnancy important?
Answer | Updated on April 3, 2020
If you're obese, weight loss before pregnancy can improve your health — as well as the health of the baby you're planning to conceive.
Pregnancy after miscarriage: What you need to know
Article | Updated on October 27, 2021
Understand when to try again and your chances of success.
Inducing labor: When to wait, when to induce
Article | Updated on May 1, 2020
Find out who can benefit from inducing labor and why.
Eating the placenta: A good idea?
Answer | Updated on August 16, 2019
Despite claims of benefits, eating your placenta after giving birth can be harmful to you and your baby.
Labor pain: Weigh your options for relief
Article | Updated on May 2, 2020
How you manage labor pain is up to you. Know your choices and how to weigh the pros and cons.
Home birth: Know the pros and cons
Article | Updated on May 7, 2020
Understand the possible risks and benefits of a planned home birth.
Implantation bleeding: Normal in early pregnancy?
Answer | Updated on May 9, 2019
Implantation bleeding is a common early pregnancy symptom. Understand what's involved and why it happens.
Prenatal care: 1st trimester visits
Article | Updated on August 7, 2020
Prenatal care can help ensure a healthy pregnancy. Here's an overview of first trimester visits.
Fetal development: The 1st trimester
Article | Updated on September 17, 2021
Fetal development begins before you even know you're pregnant. Here's what happens early on.
Nausea during pregnancy: A good thing?
Answer | Updated on October 26, 2021
Nausea during pregnancy, also called morning sickness, is common. Understand what nausea and vomiting might mean for your pregnancy.
Episiotomy: When it's needed, when it's not
Article | Updated on August 25, 2020
Planning a vaginal delivery? Understand why an episiotomy might be necessary.
Water breaking: Understand this sign of labor
Article | Updated on November 17, 2021
Is your water breaking? Find out how to tell and what's next.
Video: The epidural block
Video | Updated on February 23, 2021
Understand this anesthesia for labor and birth.
How to get pregnant
Article | Updated on October 5, 2019
Looking for tips on how to get pregnant? Here's help understanding how to maximize your fertility and when to talk to a doctor.
Fertility preservation: Understand your options before cancer treatment
Article | Updated on September 19, 2019
Know what you can do to preserve your fertility before cancer treatment.
Sperm: How long do they live after ejaculation?
Answer | Updated on August 11, 2020
After ejaculation, the life span of sperm depends on the circumstances.
Female fertility: Why lifestyle choices count
Article | Updated on April 25, 2020
Understand what you can do to protect and promote your ability to get pregnant.
Healthy sperm: Improving your fertility
Article | Updated on April 25, 2020
You can take simple steps to have healthy sperm and improve your fertility.
Hypnobirthing: How does it work?
Answer | Updated on August 6, 2019
Hypnobirthing — A Mayo Clinic specialist discusses this method of easing pain during childbirth.
Bathroom during labor: What if you have to go?
Answer | Updated on October 23, 2019
Find out what happens if you need to go to the bathroom during labor.
Signs of labor: Know what to expect
Article | Updated on May 14, 2019
Signs of labor — Know exactly what to expect as your due date approaches and your body prepares for delivery.
Doula: Do you need a doula?
Answer | Updated on February 3, 2021
Find out how a doula might be helpful during pregnancy, childbirth and recovery.
Lower back tattoo: OK to have an epidural?
Answer | Updated on August 18, 2020
An epidural isn't necessarily off-limits if you have a lower back tattoo.
Postpartum care: What to expect after a vaginal birth
Article | Updated on March 11, 2020
Learn what to expect and how to manage vaginal soreness and discharge, sore breasts, mood changes, and more after a vaginal delivery.
C-section recovery: What to expect
Article | Updated on March 17, 2020
Understand how to manage the discomfort of C-section recovery while caring for your newborn.
Weight loss after pregnancy: Reclaiming your body
Article | Updated on July 31, 2020
Weight loss after pregnancy hinges on healthy lifestyle choices. Plenty of patience helps, too.
Preparing for pregnancy when you have diabetes
Article | Updated on December 14, 2019
Preparing for pregnancy takes on special meaning when you have diabetes. Consider the importance of preconception planning.
Preconception planning: Is your body ready for pregnancy?
Article | Updated on December 12, 2020
Preconception planning can help you make sure your body is ready for the demands of pregnancy.
Ovulation signs: When is conception most likely?
Answer | Updated on December 2, 2020
Trying to get pregnant? Learn about ovulation signs and symptoms.
Baby's sex: Can parents choose?
Answer | Updated on October 8, 2019
Baby's sex — A Mayo Clinic specialist explains the science behind influencing a baby's sex.
Paternal age: How does it affect a baby?
Answer | Updated on August 21, 2020
Find out how older paternal age can impact pregnancy and childhood health.
Pregnancy after gastric bypass: Is it safe?
Answer | Updated on June 23, 2020
Pregnancy after gastric bypass surgery calls for special care. Start with preconception planning.