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DAISY winners recognized

The DAISY Award recognizes the outstanding professionalism and compassion that nurses bring to patients and families every day. It was established by the DAISY Foundation in California in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, who died at age 33 of an autoimmune disease. DAISY is an acronym for “diseases attacking the immune system.” Nurses in Rapid City are selected 12 times a year for this recognition. Nurses are also honored in Custer, Lead-Deadwood, Spearfish and Sturgis. Visit to nominate.

DAISY Winners

Judy Dalton, Rapid City Clinic, Flormann Street DAISY Winner, July 2023

Judy Dalton DAISY July 2023

Judy was nominated by a patient who said, “I met Judy several years ago, when I started seeing my primary care physician. I am impressed by her calm, sincere yet efficient manner. She always has a smile and kind words, and from the very beginning, she treated me with concern and respect. Those of us who are older, very often get met with ageism in the form of condescension or intolerance. Judy is never condescending and treats me as a valued patient. She has gone out of her way to return calls to me even on the busiest days. She has a beautiful sense of humor and an extremely caring manner. I trust her implicitly and feel well taken care of in her capable hands. On the days when I’ve been in severe pain or felt very ill, she was compassionate and helpful. She is a woman of character and authenticity and when she leaves or retires, I shall miss her enormously as no one can take her place.

Lynet Haug, Labor and Delivery, Rapid City Hospital DAISY Winner, August 2023

Lynet Haug DAISY Aug 2023

Lynet was nominated by a patient who said, in part, “Within just five minutes of being in her presence, Lyn established a genuine connection with me and included my husband in the conversations and educational aspects. Her warmth and inviting demeanor made me feel like a part of her own family. Throughout the entire experience, she took a personal interest in our journey, particularly when guessing the baby’s sex based on old wives’ tales—a fun and memorable touch.”

The nomination continued, During the intense moments, “Lyn’s quick assessment of the situation allowed her to anticipate our needs effortlessly. Her encouragement and support empowered me to push forward, assuring me that I could handle the challenge. When the moment finally arrived, and we welcomed our baby into the world, her excitement mirrored that of my husband and me. The emotional connection we shared at that moment was filled with hugs, laughter, and tears.”

Brooke Lappe, ONS DAISY Winner, November 2023

Brooke Lappe Nov 2023 DAISY

Brooke was nominated by a patient, who said in part, “Brooke was my night nurse. Brooke was personable like my day shift nurse and continued the rapport initiated by day shift. One early evening, I found myself to be getting quite uncomfortable around the wound area. I had what started as an uncomfortable sensation which increased to the point of excruciating discomfort. I later found out this was due to spasms. I conveyed this discomfort to Brooke who was very quick to react and establish contact with my physician, who then prescribed some pain medications. Brooke followed through and got the medications administered to me which brought significant relief. Brooke remained attentive throughout the night and made sure I remained comfortable.”

Susan Pena, Home+ DAISY Winner, December 2023

Susan Pena Dec 2023 DAISY

Susan was nominated by the spouse of a patient, who said in part, “Susan was such a wonderful caregiver for my late husband, and our immediate family. She went above and beyond to ensure that we were fully informed about any and all choices, shared information, answered all our questions, and was just a joy to have in our lives

during a very difficult time. My husband enjoyed her visits, and my daughter and I felt so comfortable when she was around. Susan’s caring nature and giving of her time and talents made our final days with my husband so much richer and fulfilling. To have a caregiver that listened to our requests and did everything in her power to make things happen was such a blessing. We are very thankful to have met Susan, even under challenging circumstances, and to be able to call her a friend.

Madeleine Marchand, ONS DAISY Winner, January 2024

Madeleine Marchand DAISY Jan 2024

Madeleine was nominated by a patient, who said in part, “Madi never complains. She is always compassionate, kind and caring. She actively listens when we talk. I feel heard by Madi and she’s passionate about the care she gives. She’s been my advocate with sincerity. I can tell she’s sincere. Her tone of voice, countenance, body language all speak to sincerity. I believe her. She doesn’t try to change my mind about things. She encourages. She doesn’t try to prove how much she knows, she’s just confident – which means a lot. She lets me vent, complain, and cry without making me feel bad. I am in excruciating pain at times, plus I have other conditions. Madi has cared for me for multiple days in a row now. She outshines every other nurse I’ve had. She doesn’t rush me. She makes me feel that I truly matter.”

Luke Altstiel, RN, Sturgis Clinic and Urgent Care Services DAISY Winner, February 2024

Luke Altstiel Feb 2024 DAISY

Luke received a nomination from the parent of a child he cared for in the Monument Health Sturgis Clinic for Urgent Care Services. Luke was able to recognize the anxiety of this young patient, and help to calm him down. Luke took note of the patient’s anxiety and immediately helped calm him. The patient was then laughing and enjoying the visit. Every time the patient showed any hint of being scared, Luke would change things up and make sure he knew he was safe. The nominator said, “It’s nurses and doctors like Luke, that we need in the medical field. They oftentimes see people during high stress/times of illness and this is the exact person you need for the job. Luke took the time for [the patient] and made sure it was a positive experience. In all of our history of hospital stays, even in a children’s hospital, Luke shines above the rest. Thank you for taking the time to be kind and loving to a very anxious child.”

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