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Patient Care Champion Supervisor says Monument Health invested in her

Christy LaCroix, Patient Care Champion (PCC) Supervisor for the Medical and Ortho-Neuro-Surgical units at Rapid City Hospital, is not unique when it comes to needing to adjust her work life to keep up with her family’s needs. Christy has held a few positions over her 16-year career with Monument Health, each time moving to better suit her family’s needs or to pursue an opportunity that fits with her professional goals. But one thing that didn’t change was her preference to stay in a nursing support role with the same organization – a place she said has never stopped investing in her.

“I really appreciate all of the opportunities Monument Health has given me,” she said. “Over the years I’ve been able to show that I do good work, and they’ve continued to help me advance.”

Christy started as a health unit clerk for the Intensive Care Unit in 2004, caring for patients on night shifts. “I learned so much and found out that I really liked being in that kind of role,” she said. After six years she switched gears and became a Dialysis Technician, which provided her the ability to work days. She enjoyed really getting to know her patients and hearing their stories. “I got to be a part of their support system.” After brief stints in administrative roles where she realized she missed the patient contact, she applied for the opportunity to be a Patient Care Supervisor.

“I truly believe it was meant to be for me,” she said. “I had been in the hospital for 16 years and have always loved providing direct care in a support role.” She said she enjoys encouraging PCCs and reminding them that what they’re doing is important. “You may not always see the benefits right away, but you do make a difference.”

Christy noted that PCCs usually have more time to focus on personally connecting with patients, as nurses have many responsibilities that might take them away from the patient from time to time. “Our time is mainly spent on hands-on patient care.”

People often ask when she’s going to nursing school. “My answer is that I’m quite content in this role and have no intention of going back to school. I was a busy mom and wife and never had a desire to take on more school. I’m really good at this role, and Patient Care Champions are just as needed as nurses.”

Christy appreciates that she has gotten so much experience and several opportunities based on her merit without having to go back to school. “I really appreciate that I’ve been given those chances because (they) led to me now being in a leadership role.”

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