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Knife safety helps prevent hand injuries

Hand Surgeon Steven Maser, M.D., Medical Director of Monument Health’s Orthopedic & Specialty Hospital, has seen many hand injuries throughout his career. Injuries he often treats are caused by kitchen knives used improperly.

Dr. Maser emphasizes the importance of using cutting boards when slicing fruits and vegetables, instead of cutting them in your hands. “That knife can either cut through the fruit into your hand or slip right off,” he notes.

A trick Dr. Maser uses to ensure the cutting board stays in place includes the use of a wet paper towel. If the cutting board lacks grips, placing a wet paper towel under the cutting board will prevent it from moving around.

When a hand injury occurs, Dr. Maser encourages a visit to the Emergency Department or Urgent Care facility.

“Right underneath the skin are some very important structures, particularly our tendons and our nerves,” he said. “So when that knife slips in, it’s not hard to cut one.”

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