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Celebrating the anniversary of the Doc Talk podcast

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Today marks the anniversary of the first episode of Doc Talk with Monument Health. One year ago, Cardiologist Luis Hernandez, M.D., FACC, was the first guest on the weekly podcast, discussing living with heart failure. Since then, Physicians and APPs have discussed everything from primary care to pediatric hearing loss, walk-in orthopedic care to broken heart syndrome.

Mark Houston, who hosts the podcast, said that one of the most rewarding aspects is learning about a wide range of medical topics from experts and specialists. “I’ve learned about everything from the latest advances in cancer treatment to the best ways to manage chronic pain,” he said. “And I’ve heard from listeners who have told me that this podcast has helped them to better understand their medical condition, or that it has inspired them to take better care of their health. This is incredibly rewarding, and it’s one of the things that keeps me motivated to keep doing this!”

The goal of the podcast has been to connect community members to health care providers in a fun and entertaining way. Each episode is an opportunity to learn about a specialty, procedure, ailment or treatment, but it’s also a way to get to know physicians beyond the exam room. Hopefully, it’s also fun and entertaining along the way.

Although the podcast was intended to help community members, Physicians have found the experience beneficial as well. “It’s nice to have an opportunity to reach patients on a different level,” said Orthopedic Surgeon Richard Little, M.D. “This podcast is informative but also digestible for community members to learn a little more about different procedures and services we offer at Monument Health.” Dr. Little was a guest on the podcast, discussing ROSA Knee robotic technology and, more recently, hip replacement surgery.

A new episode of Doc Talk is released each week, and all previous episodes are available as well. To listen, visit

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