Caregiver gives EXOS a try and sees major benefits

Caregiver gives EXOS a try and sees major benefits


Jo Rose, LPN at Neurology and Rehabilitation in Rapid City, has been telling her friends and fellow caregivers about the life-changing benefits she received after participating in an EXOS pilot program at the Monument Health Sports Performance Institute. Prior to participating in EXOS classes, Jo suffered from balance and mobility issues, fatigue, and an overall lack of strength.

After the three-month pilot, which took place February – April, Jo lost 30 pounds, felt more physically and mentally energetic, built strength, increased her balance and mobility, and started sleeping better.

“It was a terrific experience” she said. “I’ve done a lot of exercise programs in the past, and I can’t say enough about EXOS. The coaches are so knowledgeable. Your tolerance builds and you just keep getting stronger. Before this I couldn’t even imagine doing yard work, but now I’m out walking the dog and working in my garden.”

She particularly enjoyed the opportunity to meet with a nutritionist and participate in a variety of classes that focused on a team approach. “The classes always involve a warm up, and the coaches make sure you’re doing the exercises right. If you can’t do one thing, there is another piece of equipment or a modification.”

Jo plans to continue EXOS classes this fall. For now, she’s enjoying being active outdoors. She encourages others to try EXOS if they struggle with mobility, balance, energy or strength. If you’re interested in learning more about EXOS visit

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