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Best vaccine? The one that’s available

Question: Now that we have three COVID-19 vaccines, which brand is best for me?

Answer: The one that’s available when you get your shot.

Since December, some 40,000 West River residents have received at least one of two Pfizer or Moderna doses required for full immunity from serious COVID-19 disease. Now, we have a third player, Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose vaccine.

Some people are weighing the efficacy, convenience, advantages and disadvantages of the three vaccine brands. However, due to a number of logistical challenges, you might not get a choice of vaccine brand on the day you arrive at the clinic. It’s much more important that you get the vaccine – any vaccine – in your body as soon as possible.

“We’re in a race against time,” said Dr. Shankar Kurra, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Monument Health. The sooner we can as get close to 80 percent immunity in our communities, the sooner we’ll be safe from coronavirus variants, second-wave surges or other COVID-19 dangers. And, he adds, this will also mean we can return to restaurants, sporting events and family gatherings – normal life.

And the good news: Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are all safe and effective in protecting you from serious disease.

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