‘100 Women Who Care About Spearfish’ has big impact in first year

‘100 Women Who Care About Spearfish’ has big impact in first year



One hundred women – 160, to be exact – can do a lot of good for their community. In its first year alone, the “100 Women Who Care About Spearfish” group donated $33,100 to local organizations. The group was started by Kathy Albers, Administrative Assistant at Monument Health Medical Clinic on North 10 th Street. Now, its 160 members include 30 women who are caregivers, providers or relatives of those who work for Monument Health.

A friend of Kathy’s started a similar group in Chadron, Neb. The simple concept and small time commitment, coupled with the opportunity to have a big impact on Spearfish, were attractive to Kathy. Once a group has a 100-member chapter, they schedule two, one-hour “impact meetings” for the year, and each member agrees to donate $100 at each meeting. That’s it – a two-hour time commitment and $200 for the year. Two or four women can also form a team and donate $50 or $25 each. Members nominate nonprofits and/or 501c3 charities they think should be considered. Five groups are drawn from a hat, and those groups present information at impact meetings. The two winning groups are chosen by a majority vote.

“Even if you are really busy, a lot of women can still find two hours and $200 a year to have a huge impact,” said Lana Grout, Director of Ambulatory Operations for Monument Health Medical Clinics and member of the group. “I’ve had the opportunity to get to know a lot of women I wouldn’t normally have met. It’s also been a nice way for people to become more familiar with Monument Health. Once they get to know me or other people who work here, they become more comfortable asking questions about health care or jobs.”

The group’s original goal was to donate $10,000 twice a year to local organizations, but because they have more than 100 members, they can afford to help four groups every year. In their first year, the women donated to the Artemis House, Young Life, Spearfish Food Pantry and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Northern Hills. The Spearfish Food Pantry was able to buy fruits and vegetables with their money, which they usually cannot keep on hand because they spoil too quickly. The Artemis House is planning some much needed renovations with their funds, and Young Life was able to pay for some campers to attend their camp.

Even though she has been a part of the Spearfish community for nearly 20 years, Kathy said the group has allowed her to become more familiar with the nonprofits in the community and to meet many great people. “I thought I knew most everyone here. But it turns out I didn’t know as many people as I thought or as well as I thought.”

Thanks to all Monument Health caregivers who positively impact our communities through these and similar efforts throughout the year.

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