A Full Ride on the Frontlines Caregiver Feature

A Full Ride on the Frontlines

Caregiver Jordan Hanley, RN, discovered that a supportive environment is crucial to finding your next level. Jordan Hanley, RN, always knew — even when she was a little girl growing […]

Community and Culture Caregiver Feature

Community and Culture

There are about as many different coffee orders as there are caregivers at Monument Health. And the baristas crafting each drink are every bit as unique as the orders they serve.

Feels Like Home Caregiver Feature

Feels Like Home

Fifty years working at the same hospital sounds like a big commitment, but for Wanda Schummer, it’s been time well spent.

Cover Story: Making Christmas Caregiver Feature

Cover Story: Making Christmas

Holiday magic is hard work. Luckily, Monument Health caregivers Dana Darger and Denny Leibel are up to the task.

Making miracles happen Caregiver Feature

Making miracles happen

Shawn Powers doesn’t treat pediatric patients at Monument Health, but his work impacts their lives each and every day — not through clinical care, but through his role as the […]

On Call, For You Caregiver Feature

On Call, For You

“I work with an amazing team from incredibly varied backgrounds. We have nurses that have previously specialized in OB, Urgent Care, ED, Cardiology, Ambulatory/Clinic and Wound Care just to name a few. We each bring something specific and unique to the team, but I have never worked with such a well-balanced team. We each work on specific tasks throughout the day, but everyone is so helpful and each person is cross-trained to do every task. If one person is having difficult calls or situations, anyone else can jump in and help out, and they all do so willingly, often without being asked. They see the need and fill it.” When you’re experiencing a medical issue and you don’t know if you should schedule a primary care appointment, go to urgent care or head directly to the emergency room, triage call nurse Grace Hastey, RN, BSN, knows just what to ask: “We use proven protocols that we go through. We ask a lot of questions, and it’s very patient specific.”

Monument Health Has Talent Caregiver Feature

Monument Health Has Talent

Physicians, nurses and caregivers have a talent for making patients feel better. As it turns out, their talents extend far beyond the clinical setting.

A Culture of Caring Caregiver Feature

A Culture of Caring

Patients of Monument Health’s Heart and Vascular Unit (HVU) can be at any stage in their health care journey, but they all deserve the best quality care. Nurses like Theresa […]

A Patient’s Champion Caregiver Feature

A Patient’s Champion

Nursing Assistants provide vital support that plays an important role in the patient experience. CNAs like Bennett Smith are devoted allies for those in their care. When you treat everyone […]

West River Nurse Honor Guard Caregiver Feature

West River Nurse Honor Guard

Nurses regularly deal with death in their work, but often their own passing goes unrecognized. A new organization hopes to change that. For 42 years, Shirley Struble was a nurse […]

The Work Lives On Caregiver Feature

The Work Lives On

For 20 years, Lynnett Rotert, BSRT, CBDT, was a bone density technologist at Monument Health’s Spearfish Clinic and worked in a clinical area called densitometry. She served the patients of […]

Empowering Patients Caregiver Feature

Empowering Patients

Patient Relations Advocates help patients navigate the sometimes complicated world of health care. This special role takes a special person, and Shary Haag brings the perfect combination of emotional intelligence […]