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Like Family

Chris Seime, PA-C, is a Physician Assistant serving patients at Monument Health Sturgis Clinic. He’s passionate about providing family medicine to this northern Black Hills town and serving this community in some other amazing ways, too.

Family medicine, like the name suggests, is all about ongoing and close relationships. For Chris Seime, PA-C, he’s discovered this kind of familiar relationship with his patients at Monument Health Sturgis Clinic. “I love just getting to know the patients,” he said. “Some of them have even become friends.”

Chris has been serving the people of this northern hills community in the field of family medicine for over eight years. He explained, “In family medicine, I get to take care of acute care problems and chronic care problems, from infants to the elderly. There are even some families here where I’m taking care of three generations as their primary care provider.”


Beyond Monument Health

Beyond his regular duties at Monument Health Sturgis Clinic, Chris also offers his medical skills and knowledge to a volunteer organization. Compass Point is an inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment center located in Sturgis that has been helping the people of the Black Hills in their journeys of recovery for over 50 years.

“There are nine beds in the inpatient facility, and about 430 people in the outpatient program,” he explained. Chris serves as the acting medical director.

The state of South Dakota regulates recovery facilities like Compass Point, and one of the requirements is that clients complete a medical examination prior to admission. “When admitting someone to the inpatient program, they need to be examined within 72 hours of admittance,” Chris explained. Chris helps address the medical needs of Compass Point’s inpatient clients during their stay at the Sturgis facility.



Back to Roots

Chris is passionate about serving the Sturgis community. He chalks up some of that passion to how he grew up in a small town in northwestern North Dakota. “We have a lot of farming and ranching families here in Sturgis, so growing up in a small town in North Dakota really helps me relate to my patients on a personal level,” he said.

Chris also loves to fish and hunt — especially with a bow. His four daughters also keep him busy; one of his favorite ways to spend time is being able to vacation with his family.

He went on to say that he loves where he gets to work. “I really enjoy being here in Sturgis because the entire staff and the physicians are all very helpful and supportive of the PA role, which is really important.”

Getting to care for the people of Sturgis and being supported by fellow caregivers, Chris feels like his role is more of a calling than a job. “When you really enjoy something — which I do in family medicine — it really doesn’t feel like going to work; it’s more like I get to come here.”

Story By Stephen Simpson
Photos by Bob Slocum