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Women’s Health

At Monument Health, we offer comprehensive care throughout a woman’s life. From vaccinations and cancer screenings to lifestyle and wellness guidance, we’re here for you.

It is important to take care of your health, and that starts with understanding your health risks and recommended screenings at each stage of your life. With the guidelines constantly changing and varying opinions, it can be tricky to keep track! Annual exams and testing can save your life whether you are 21 or 65.

Learn more about your risks and tests needed at each stage of your life to keep your health in check in one simple list.

Know Your History:
Find out what health conditions run in both sides of your family. Share your personal & family history with your physician to help determine your risk level for particular conditions or disease.

Get A Yearly Physical: No matter your age, it is important to find a primary care physician who fits your needs and schedule an annual check-up.

Maintain a Healthy Weight: Keeping off excess weight through healthy eating and regular exercise can safeguard you from developing long-term health issues.


Health Checklists at Every Age