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The only pharmacy of its kind in the region, Monument Health Home+ Specialty Pharmacy focuses on the medication needs and therapy management for patients with chronic, rare or complex conditions that require specialty medications.

Specialty Pharmacy patients may have cancer, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, hepatitis C, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis or other rare genetic conditions. Often, these medications are not available at traditional pharmacies and can require special handling, administration or monitoring. Pharmacists and nurses collaborate closely with care providers and patients to achieve treatment goals.

Specialty Pharmacy in Rapid City serves patients throughout the entire region. Questions and concerns are answered by local staff, and our pharmacists are on call 24/7. Medication can be picked up, delivered by local courier, or a carrier like UPS.

For patients

The Home+ Specialty Pharmacy team provides personalized care, clinical expertise, quality products and outstanding customer service. Our team works closely with you, your prescriber and your insurance company to ensure your needs are met.

Enrollment is required for Home+ to work on your behalf. Call Home+ Specialty Pharmacy to enroll, or ask your physician to phone, fax or e-prescribe on your behalf.  There is no charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment Benefits

The Specialty Pharmacy team will:

  • Work with insurers, including Medicare, so you know your coverage.
  • Obtain any needed prior authorizations from your insurer.
  • Work to find resources for financial hardship, if needed.
  • Ship medication to your home at no extra cost.
  • Provide essential equipment such as alcohol swabs and sharps containers at no extra cost.

Therapy Management

A Home+ nurse or pharmacist work with you one-on-one to make sure you receive the most benefit from your therapy.

Patients receive:

  • Check-in calls from a therapy management nurse.
  • Information about the safe and effective handling and storage of your medication.
  • Education on how to take or inject your medications correctly.
  • Clinical guidance to help prevent or manage medication side effects and injection site reactions.

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Pharmacy Services

  • New prescriptions: Contact us by phone or email. Or your doctor can submit your prescription to us.
  • Refills: Pharmacy staff calls you with refill reminders. Or contact us to request a refill.
  • Prescription transfers: The pharmacy staff will transfer prescriptions to or from Home+ Specialty Pharmacy.
  • Order status: Contact us by phone or email to check on prescription status.
  • Delivery: Home+ will deliver or ship medications to any location free of charge. Or you can pick medications up at the Specialty Pharmacy or Home+ retail pharmacies in Rapid City or Spearfish.

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For Providers

As a local supplier, we have the unique advantage of personal interaction with both you and your medical team.

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