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Golf Fit

Golfers, like athletes in any other sport, function at their best when properly trained and with a full understanding of the movement patterns appropriate in their sport. Our program can help golfers understand appropriate swing mechanics, identify and address physical limitations, and improve their overall game.

Monument Health offers TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) golf-specific fitness screening, 2D video analysis, K-Vest assessment and biofeedback training. This program can assist golfers in identifying physical and swing-specific problems, decrease the likelihood of injury and improve accuracy, distance, and consistency.

GolfFit, our golf performance program, is led by TPI certified physical therapists* and provides a three-part evaluation for golfers of all skill levels.

Evaluate and Improve your:

  • Swing Efficiency
  • Swing Mechanics
  • Swing Sequence/Timing/Speed

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The components of the evaluation are:

  • Golf specific physical screening of stability, mobility and balance
  • Video swing evaluation
  • K-Vest 3-dimensional swing evaluation

K-Vest Biofeedback Training

Using Bluetooth wireless sensors and TPI designed software that provides real-time visual and auditory feedback, the K-Vest system can be used to train motor patterns and mechanics during the golf swing. This system allows feedback during every aspect of the golf swing including Setup, the Backswing, at the Top, and at Impact. This allows a golfer to better understand appropriate swing mechanics and develop a consistent, repeatable swing.

The system features:

  • Immediate analysis of the accuracy of movement patterns
  • Fully customizable settings (including, if applicable, PGA/LPGA normative data)
  • Full swing and short game drills
  • Alignment and posture settings
  • Real time feedback
  • Golf-specific exercise biofeedback tools

We also offer K-Vest 3D swing evaluation, TPI physical screenings, and 2D video swing analysis.

Individual Training Sessions

Program Pricing

  • Golf Performance Fitness Evaluation (Two 30-minute sessions): $125
  • K-Vest Evaluation (1 hour): $125
  • Combination of the two (Two 45-minute sessions): $175
  • Individual Training Sessions (30-minutes): 1 for $50, 4 for $160 and 6 for $200

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