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Daniel Yevseyev, RN, receives DAISY Award

Daniel Yevseyev, RN, receives DAISY AwardRAPID CITY, S.D. (AUG. 1, 2023) – Daniel Yevseyev, a Registered Nurse at Rapid City Hospital, has received the prestigious DAISY Award. A national program, the award is presented to nurses who go above and beyond for their patients and community. He was nominated by a patient’s family member.

The family member wrote, “My dad has an aggressive chronic condition with challenging, aggressive behaviors. My dad lived his life fiercely independent, and he was a very active man before this disease. … Daniel is an amazing nurse to my dad. He worked hard to learn all my dad’s triggers, and he’s sharing these best practices with others on the nursing team. He approaches my dad kindly and confidently, offers quiet reassurance, moves thoughtfully in my dad’s space, and does his best to soothe my dad when he’s frustrated.”

The nomination continued, “When Daniel is not tending to patients, he checks in to make sure I have a coffee or take a little snack break. He gives me updates on my dad’s nighttime activities and helps me understand his medication protocol. I am thankful for this partnership. Daniel brings my dad comfort in a time of crisis, and I’m grateful for his kindness, compassion and empathy. As my heart breaks while making difficult life-ending decisions, Daniel has made this experience a little less hard for my dad and for me. I wish there were 1,000 nurses like Daniel, to follow my dad in his last days.”

The DAISY Award recognizes the outstanding professionalism and compassion that nurses bring to patients and families every day. It was established by the DAISY Foundation in California in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, who died at age 33 of an autoimmune disease. DAISY is an acronym for “diseases attacking the immune system.” Nurses in Rapid City are selected 12 times a year for this recognition. Nurses are also honored in Custer, Lead-Deadwood, Spearfish and Sturgis. Visit to nominate.

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