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Evidence-based design affects patient outcomes 

Part of offering a caring experience is providing patients and visitors with a cohesive, welcoming and calming environment. Health care spaces that follow best practices of “evidence-based design” have been proven to positively affect patient outcomes and caregiver satisfaction. Everything from the fabric of the furniture to the color of paint can have an effect — beyond decoration, the pictures on the wall and the layout of the room is of great importance. 

Elle Larsen, Real Estate Manager with Facilities Management & Construction, said choosing artwork for Monument Health spaces is a meticulous process that involves a committee of caregivers from marketing, patient experience, diversity and inclusion, the Monument Health Foundation and construction. The committee has worked with a consultant to develop standards for Monument Health artwork so that all pieces are selected with certain standards and design elements in mind. 

After learning more about Elle in our magazine, we wanted to know which art pieces on display in the new Fifth Street Entrance of Rapid City Hospital are her favorites. Here’s a brief tour of the space with some highlighted art pieces to look out for the next time you’re in Rapid City Hospital. 

This collection represents a transition from the mountains of the Black Hills down to the state’s grasslands. As you walk along this hallway, just to the left of the Fifth Street Entrance, the art takes you on a journey. Starting on a mountaintop, the art slowly takes the viewer along a path to the plains. 

This photograph is Elle’s favorite single piece of art at the Fifth Street Entrance. The unique perspective and depth perception provide a fresh look at the Black Hills. The photoArch in Spearfish Canyon, was taken by John Mitchell. 

Elle thinks of this painting, which depicts a tepee and sunrise, as a hidden gem. The piece, “Girls Night Out” by Sandy Swallow is unique in the art collection for a few reasons. First, it’s one of the few paintings on displayIt’s also in a spot that doesn’t currently get much foot traffic. As visitor restrictions ease and more people are able to come to Rapid City Hospital, however, more folks will be able to view this piece.  

Hear more from the artist about this piece here. 

Summer Sunflowers, by Kendra Perry Koski is one of the most talkedabout pieces in the hospital. Not only because of the photograph’s vibrant colors and beauty, but also because it helps serve as a landmark for patients and caregivers — sitting at the end of a long hallway, Summer Sunflowers helps people find their way from the main hospital to the new addition.  

This group of photos is Elle’s favorite set. The varied imagery highlights elements of what makes the Black Hills unique and beautiful, and this set is a reminder of why we live where we do.  

Tucked away on the first floor, near the parking garage, this John Mitchell photograph, View from Crystal Mountain,” wasn’t originally intended for this space. However, after Elle saw the corrugated metal work the architects had installed in this location, she switched up her art design for the space to compliment the overall feel of the area.  

We can’t talk about art at Rapid City Hospital’s Fifth Street Entrance without mentioning the large glass installation. These two windows feature photographs by Joe Lowe of Stockade Lake and Sylvan Lake. The images are imbedded into the glass, creating a warm and inviting feel for the new space.  

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