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Cardiac Recovery & Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation at Monument Health

Cardiac Rehabilitation guides and inspires individuals who have heart disease or are at risk for developing heart disease. Our providers include physicians, registered nurses, exercise physiologists, pharmacists and a registered dietician. The Cardiac Rehab team will help you develop a stronger heart through aerobic exercise (treadmills, bikes, rowers and Nusteps) and strength training (weights and resistance bands).

Cardiac Rehab candidates range from those who have had heart surgery and stents to those who simply want to reduce the risk of heart problems with exercise in a professional environment. We will craft a program that fits your needs.

There are three phases of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

Phase 1 – Inpatient cardiac rehabilitation

Phase 1 is for patients who are in the hospital recovering from heart surgery, heart attack, placement of stents or other types of heart problems. The focus is on educating you and your family, getting you started on a simple exercise program and putting you in touch with an outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program to continue your recovery.

Phase 2 – Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation

Phase 2 is for those with a recent heart attack, coronary artery bypass graft surgery, valve surgery, chest pain or angina due to coronary artery disease, heart angioplasty, heart stent placement, heart failure (if qualified), or peripheral artery disease (if qualified).

Ideally, Phase 2 starts within one week of discharge from the hospital. You achieve better results when you attend three days per week for up to 16 weeks. Sessions include:

  • Nutrition classes and one-on-one session with dietician.
  • Counseling and support for lifestyle changes.
  • Education on your medications, heart disease and risk factors.
  • Heart rate, blood pressure and heart rhythm evaluation.
  • Clinically supervised progressive exercise involving: aerobic exercise, resistance training, stretching and balance abilities.

Phase 3- Maintenance

Phase 3 offers exercise, education and support in an independent-but-structured program to maintain your lifestyle change. Anyone who wants to reduce their risks for heart problems can join this phase.

Phase 3 features are:

  • Exercise sessions available six days per week in open gym format.
  • Heart rate, blood pressure, and heart rhythm evaluation when needed.
  • Clinically supervised aerobic exercise, resistance training, relaxation and stretching

Phase 3 also features Supervised Exercise Therapy for Peripheral Vasculature Disease:

  • Individualized treatment sessions assist patients in walking further distances or exercising for longer durations
  • Clinically supervised aerobic exercise, resistance training, relaxation and stretching
  • Educational sessions

Phase 3 has an initial assessment fee. Medicare and most commercial insurances do not cover phase 3.


Insurance Most commercial insurance companies cover the cost of Phase 2. Medicare covers 80 percent, and a supplement may cover the additional 20 percent. To be sure, ask your insurance company about coverage, co-pay, deductibles and number of sessions covered. If you are uninsured or have to pay a portion of the costs, a financial aid assistance program may benefit you. Please ask staff for a financial aid packet.