Nurse Orientation and Residency Program

Nurse Orientation and Residency Program

Nurse Orientation

We’re excited to have you join our team! During your first few weeks with Monument Health, you will attend a Nursing Services Orientation (NSO 101) that consists of three Wednesday classes from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. NSO 101 is an introduction to the standard of nursing practice at Monument Health.

Nursing Services Orientation (NSO 101):

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Discover the world of interprofessional collaboration by meeting different members of the Monument Health Team.


Drive nursing quality through scenario-based learning.


Explore the foundational standards and professional growth opportunities of nursing practice at Monument Health.

Nurse Residency Program

Monument Health is proud to offer a robust Nurse Residency Program to all new graduate Registered Nurses. As a new graduate nurse, you will benefit from this unique opportunity in professional development, critical thinking, time management, and leadership training. All new graduate nurses throughout the organization with less than 6 months of professional practice will be enrolled quarterly.

Scheduling, expert speakers, and professional learning opportunities will be planned by the Onboarding Nurse Educator and communicated to you as you begin your employment.

About the Nurse Residency Program

The year-long Nurse Residency Program is designed to support you at each milestone early in your career. It is a blended model incorporating convenient online modules with monthly small-group sessions, culminating with a project emphasizing implementation of a quality improvement or performance improvement initiative. We have partnered with the University of Iowa to enroll all registered nurses throughout the system with less than 6 months of clinical practice. The evidence-based program starts quarterly after the date of hire.

The Monument Health Onboarding Nurse Educator serves as the site coordinator and resource, as well as departmental nursing leadership, nurse educators, and nurse clinicians.
The objective of a Nurse Residency Program is to increase confidence and competence in nursing practice.

At Monument Health, the program provides:

  • An opportunity for networking with your peers throughout the organization.
  • A chance to work with nurse leaders acting as small-group facilitators.
  • A focus on the art and science of nursing.
  • An opportunity to lead and implement positive practice or process changes.

As new graduate nurses, the evidence-based NRP will support you through your critical first year as a nurse, preparing you for a successful, engaging career.

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