Monument Health and the Mayo Clinic Care Network

Monument Health and the Mayo Clinic Care Network

We’re becoming Monument Health and joining the Mayo Clinic Care Network

Regional Health is now Monument Health. As we make progress on delivering quality and safe clinical care to patients, it’s a new day for us. This name change more accurately represents who we are to the region. We are a permanent part of our communities, and we will have a lasting impact on future generations to come.

Monument Health has also joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network. This prestigious clinical collaboration grants special access to Mayo’s knowledge, expertise and resources. By working together with Mayo Clinic, Monument Health physicians and caregivers can provide patients with more of the care they need, close to home, at no additional cost to them.

As Monument Health, we will focus on delivering quality care while showing compassion to our patients, each other and our communities. We are taking the next steps in providing a stronger future and healthier communities for generations to come.

Mayo Clinic Care Network

The Mayo Clinic Care Network is a select group of independent health systems carefully vetted by Mayo Clinic and granted special access to Mayo’s knowledge, expertise and resources. As part of the network, Monument Health doctors can quickly access Mayo’s latest research, diagnostic and treatment resources whenever they feel it will benefit their patients. Additionally, our collaboration with Mayo Clinic will help us achieve our goal to improve the delivery of health care.

Frequently asked questions about our collaboration

1. Why did Mayo Clinic choose Monument Health to join the network?

Monument Health was selected to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network by demonstrating a commitment to the highest quality, patient-centered care. In addition, Monument Health passed Mayo’s comprehensive evaluation process that included an in-depth review of its organization, its clinical and business practices, and its quality, safety and service efforts.

2. What does this mean for Monument Health doctors and their patients?

With the ability to access Mayo Clinic’s research, diagnostic and treatment resources, Monument Health doctors will be able treat more of their patients close to home. Anytime they want to discuss a treatment plan or request a second opinion, they can consult directly with Mayo Clinic’s specialists, at no additional cost to their patients. This way, Monument Health doctors can combine their understanding of their patient’s unique medical needs with Mayo Clinic’s resources to develop the best treatment plan for them.

3. What resources are available to Monument Health through the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

Doctors and other care providers can access a range of clinical resources from Mayo Clinic to benefit their patients, their practice and their ongoing professional development:

  • AskMayoExpert – An online medical reference tool that offers disease management, care guidelines, treatment recommendations, patient education and reference materials for a wide variety of medical conditions.
  • eConsults – An electronic consultation service that connects doctors directly with Mayo Clinic specialists when they feel additional input will benefit their patient.
  • eBoards – Live video conferences to promote educational and informal discussions on the management of complex cases with a Mayo multidisciplinary panel and other providers within the network.
  • Mayo Clinic Patient Education – A library that includes patient education materials within AskMayoExpert and a selection of patient education videos online.
  • Mayo Clinic Grand Rounds – Archived presentations by Mayo Clinic doctors and scientists in a variety of specialties are available on-demand for viewing and earning CME credit.
  • Health Care Consulting – A program designed to share Mayo’s experience and expertise and help us achieve desired levels of operational, financial and patient care excellence.

4. Will Mayo Clinic doctors work at Monument Health?

No. When Monument Health doctors want clinical advice or have questions about complex patient care, they can quickly connect with Mayo Clinic specialists to consult with them.

5. Will Monument Health doctors continue to treat their patients?

Yes. Monument Health doctors will continue to treat their patients and oversee their care. They will work with Mayo Clinic’s specialists whenever necessary so that their patients can continue to receive the best care possible close to home.

6. Will it cost patients more when their doctor consults with Mayo Clinic?

No. Through this membership, Mayo Clinic’s expertise and knowledge is shared with Monument Health care providers at no additional cost to the patient.

7. How does this membership benefit patients?

Monument Health providers have special access to Mayo Clinic’s world-leading knowledge and expertise to help confirm or develop the best treatment plan for their patients. Patients gain additional peace of mind, conveniently and at no additional cost, while staying close to home.

8. Can patients request a consult or second opinion with Mayo Clinic?

Typically, Monument Health doctors will request the consult with Mayo Clinic if it will benefit their patient’s care. If patients are experiencing anxiety about their condition and would like a second opinion, they are advised to talk to their doctor about requesting one. It can be done easily — at no additional cost — and without travel to another location. The doctor and patient can then discuss the best treatment plan.

9. Does this mean that patients will automatically be referred to Mayo Clinic if they need more complex care?

Monument Health doctors have access to Mayo Clinic’s research, diagnostic and treatment resources so they can provide more patient care locally, reducing the patient’s need to travel outside the region for care. However, if a patient needs to be referred to an outside organization, Monument Health will refer a patient to the most appropriate place for the patient to receive the care they need, this may include Mayo Clinic.

10. Will Mayo Clinic be contacting Monument Health patients?

No. The interaction is between the medical professionals of Monument Health and Mayo Clinic. Mayo does not see or contact the patient through these services.

11. Is Monument Health being purchased by Mayo Clinic?

No. This agreement is not an acquisition or merger. Mayo Clinic Care Network members like Monument Health remain independent health care providers dedicated to serving the needs of their communities.

12. Will Monument Health follow Mayo Clinic’s employment policies and procedures?

Monument Health remains an independent health care system, dedicated to being a great place to work. All policies and procedures will continue to be managed by the Monument Health team to meet the needs of local residents/employees while balancing the available resources of the organization.


To learn more about the Mayo Clinic Care Network, please visit:

Monument Health

Monument is more than a name – it’s a promise. “Monument” is strong and stands the test of time. It is our commitment to growth and permanence. It is a tribute to where we live and a name we can all be proud of. It is a promise to do the right things today, while dreaming big for tomorrow.

Frequently asked questions about our new name

1. How was “Monument Health” chosen as a new name?

This was a thoughtful, collaborative process. After numerous focus groups and online surveys were conducted earlier this spring and summer considering many different names, “Monument Health” was the best fit. It is strongly associated with permanence and quality – two things this region wants. The name change meets these expectations and also represents how the permanence of Monument Health’s future in the region. Together, the health care system and the communities it serves will grow and moving forward as Monument Health.

2. Who was included in the focus groups/surveys?

Focus groups that included Black Hills citizens, physicians and caregivers, along with an online survey with respondents from our region, were conducted in July and August of 2019.

3. What does “Monument Health” mean?

Monument Health stands for trust, respect, compassion, commitment to reliable care and excellence. It represents stability and staying power – a strong name as it continues to impact future generations with a permanent presence in the region.

4. When does this change go into effect?

Monument Health will be known as Monument Health in January 2020. Some changes will be more immediate than others. For example, hospitals and clinics will start answering phones as Monument Health and temporary signage will be displayed. Updating external branding will gradually happen as permanent updates are made to all logos and signage throughout the health system.

5. What does the new “five diamond” logo mean?

Our logo is called diamonds with heart. The five diamonds represent Monument Health’s five priorities: deliver high-quality care, provide a caring experience, be a great place to work, impact our communities, and be here for generations to come. The five diamonds are in the shape of an “M” for Monument. The three filled-in center diamonds represent our vision: It starts with heart. Diamonds also hold strong symbolism to signify transformation.

Our primary new brand colors are gold and dark teal. The color gold is associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage and wisdom; while dark teal is associated with refreshing energy, calm, wisdom, loyalty and renewal.

6. What does this mean from a care standpoint?

There won’t be any changes to the way patients are cared for. You will continue to see the same doctors in the same offices and clinics. Monument Health will deliver high-quality care and provide a caring experience.

7. What does Mayo Clinic have to do with renaming the organization?

The membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network is separate from the name change.

8. Is Monument Health being purchased by Mayo Clinic?

No. The Mayo Clinic agreement is not an acquisition or merger. Mayo Clinic Care Network members like us remain community-owned, independent health care providers dedicated to serving the needs of their communities.

9. Does it signal a change in the hospital’s philosophy in how it will serve patients?

Monument Health will still be driven by its mission to make a difference, every day. It will be committed to the same vision, values and priorities.